Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Emily Jane White Shroud
2. Emily Jane White Surrender
3. Emily Jane White Drowned
4. Emily Jane White Infernal
5. Emily Jane White Metamorphosis
6. Emily Jane White Light
7. Ottone Pesante Shining Bronze Purified In The Crucible
8. Ottone Pesante The Fifth Trumpet feat Travis Ryan
9. Ottone Pesante Angels Of The Earth
10. Ottone Pesante Doom Mood
11. Richard Dawson Civil Servant
12. Richard Dawson Two Halves
13. Richard Dawson Jogging
14. Richard Dawson Heart Emoji
15. Richard Dawson Dead Dog In The Alley
16. Fiva Popcornmonologe
17. Fiva Nina
18. Fiva Abends ungern nüchtern
19. Fiva Der Apfel fällt feat Flo Mega
20. Ebow Schmeck mein Blut
21. Comfort Not Passing
22. Comfort Calm Of The Crowd
23. Comfort Work Through Fault
24. Comfort Together
25. Comfort Better Need Assumptions
26. Ulver Blood, Fire, Woods, Diamonds
27. Ulver Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
28. Gang of Four Paralysed
29. Gang of Four I Will Be A Good Boy


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